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Military Discharges (also AWOL/UA): Information
and Military Regulations

Fact Sheets (click on
the topic below)
Military Regulations and Commentary (click on your branch and topic below or click here for access to all military regulations)*
Conscientious Objection
Fact Sheet
Delayed Entry Program (DEP)
Fact Sheet
  Sample Letter
Entry Level Separation (ELS)
Fact Sheet
Awol or UA from Active Duty
Fact Sheet
Absences from the Reserves
Fact Sheet
Dependancy or Hardship
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions (ODPMC)
Fact Sheet
Homosexual Conduct
Fact Sheet Sample Letter
(including drug and alcohol abuse)
Fact Sheet

*This page is based on information from the GI Rights Hotline, 877-447-4487 or girights@girightshotline.org