Military Counseling Network
Located in Germany.
phone: 0631-624 873 93 (new!)
email: mcn@dmfk.de

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The Path of Most Resistance part 1, a film featuring
conscientious objector Robert Weiss and the Military
Counseling Network.

20 April 2009
"Counselors help Soldiers find way to peace."  The Mennonite Weekly Review

5 February 2009
"U.S Deserter seeks asylum in Germany."  MSNBC

3 December 2008
"U.S soldier seeks political asylum in Germany."  Der Spiegel.

28 November 2008
"Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany." Stars and Stripes.

27 November 2008
"Army deserter seeks asylum in Germany over Iraq." Reuters.

24 September 2008
Military Counseling Network wins peace prize

21 September 2007
"Going AWOL." ABC Nightline.

10 June 2007
"Group Advises Against Desertion, But Says it Works as a Last Chance."  Stars & Stripes.
       Issue PDF (see pp. 1,3,4)

10 June 2007
"Dignified or Dirty: Leaving the Fight as a Conscientious Objector."  Stars & Stripes.
       Issue PDF (see pp. 1,3,4)

9 June 2007
"Hidden Wars: US Troops in Germany." Heather Wokusch.

27 February 2007
"Casualties of Conscience: US Soldiers Against Iraq War Seeking Way Out."  Der Spiegel.

28 September 2005
"Military Counselors in Germany help US Troops Get Out."  Wednesday Wire.

22 February 2005
"U.S. Soldiers Seek Release on Grounds of Conscience." Progressive Newswire.



Part 2

Video taken at André Shepherd's' Press Conference
November 27th.

MCN and André Shepherd on Russia Today